This wasn’t my first “rodeo” at BDR Safety Harbor; in fact, I wasn’t sure if I should even write about it a second time…….but, since my blog started out as a way to journal my running life I’ll happily review this race (and my experience) once more.

The last time I ran this race in 2016 I had chosen the 10k/5k challenge. It was a challenge alright; I found it challenging to stay warm and relaxed during that full hour I had to kill between finishing the 10k and starting the 5k. I did not want to repeat that particular experience.

So why did I run this race for a third time? BDR is known not only for a fabulous post-race party, but also for awesome race shirts and sweet race swag. This year’s bounty, which I picked up the day before the race (there is packet pick-up on the morning of the race as well):

I would have ran this race in 2017 but chose to defer to 2018 due to nagging SI joint issues. This time around, I was actually completely pain free and very much looking forward to “racing”. Only one problem – my training plan had me running 10 miles that day because I want to be ready for Gasparilla’s Half Marathon at the end of the month. Therefore, I chose to abandon the idea of a fast 10k and instead ran 4 miles as my “warm-up” before the 10k got underway at 6:45 a.m.

Safety Harbor has some gently rolling hills, something that’s a bit surprising in the otherwise pancake-like area we call home (Pinellas county). Even during my initial 4 mile warm-up I could feel my legs getting heavy, and as I completed the first mile of the 10k I realized that running at training pace was a much better fit for me that day. Nonetheless, I wanted at least a bit of a challenge, so I aimed for negative splits. And, I almost nailed them:

I even had a bit left in the tank at the end, which helped me chase down a few runners ahead of me:

Sadly, the sun refused to shine that morning. Running at 58 degrees is fine, but standing around (slightly sweaty) while the winds whip around isn’t any kind of fun, so I skipped the post-race festivities. Sometimes a long, hot shower is just more appealing than food & beer (gasp!). Yes, I just said that.

Will I return to race BDR in 2019? Chances are that yes, I’ll indeed run this race again. After all, there’s some free food & beer with my name on it…..

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