Over the past five week’s I’ve laced up to run exactly nine times. You could say that right now, running is HARD. None of my runs are easy, most of them I’d like to quit just as soon as I’ve started them. Of course I don’t quit, that would be like giving up, and that’s simply not an option in my book.

Looking at the events of the past 5+ weeks it’s perhaps easy to understand why I didn’t run much, and also why running seems so hard right now: first, Sal’s stroke on 8/17 followed by long days at the hospital and very short nights of interrupted sleep. Then, another week of rehab, where granted I slept a bit better but didn’t want to leave his side, so again, no running. Now, since he’s been home I’m getting much needed sleep, but it seems as though my body is so behind on everything I’m having a hard time catching up!

Today’s run was not quite as bad as I’d feared it might be, and that’s thanks to a leisurely pace of running with regular walking breaks. I’ve never taken my running buddies for granted, but now I’m even more grateful for their presence in my life. If it hadn’t been for another person running by my side today I would have stopped at mile three or four and not pushed to 12. So, a big shoutout to all the runner buddies to stick together to get each other through a rough spot or “over the hump”.

Now I look forward to next week – week two of “regular” running, which will get me back on track for a fall (trail) half marathon. Let’s do this!!

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Wife, runner, German native, beach bum, foodie, and wine lover. If you’re looking for info on how to run your next PR you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m not an expert on running or nutrition, and I won’t tell you what else you should or shouldn’t do. I'm fairly creative but notorious for starting fifty different projects and finishing (n)one. My blog is simply a collection of my personal experience in the crazy world of - running! Along the way I’ll also share what other random projects I’m currently into.

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