There are only five weeks left until I start tapering. Where did the time go??? At this point, as every year, I start to doubt my training. I don’t know why, I just do. What do I do about it? I keep going.

Monday – another hot one! Do I sound like a broken record yet? Every time I think it’s not so bad it turns out to be hot and then some. I managed six miles in the park and out on the trail in search of shade. I think I will spend most of my remaining training miles on the trail for just that reason.

This week I also found some fantastic running tank tops from Nike, and  immediately bought one in every single color. It’s quite rare that I find a running top that fits like a glove AND is on sale, so I took full advantage!

Tuesday’s interval training showed me my limits. I should have held back the pace on Monday, because these five intervals were all I could muster. I also ran too fast because I can’t see my pace on my Garmin that well without my glasses, and I’m not sure there’s a solution to that problem. Let’s see if I can adjust the pace a bit next week and add a sixth interval as planned.

Wednesday’s five miles were pretty tough on tired and heavy legs. I could still feel the effort from Tuesday’s run, and I was pretty happy to get a break with Thursday being a cross training day. I only ran for two miles on the treadmill, then finished the workout with push-ups, planks, some upper body weight training, and stretching.

Friday morning my back was talking. I think I have to move the interval runs to Wednesday, so that the hard workout isn’t sandwiched between two days of hour long runs. Rather, the hardest workout will then be the last run of the workweek, and only followed by a cross training day, not another five or six mile run. Fingers crossed that my theory works next week……

Saturday’s long run was preceded with a promise to Mother Nature that I would not complain about the heat as long as she held the rain off for the duration of our long run. At 5 a.m. we set out on our route along Clearwater beach.

I hadn’t run here in over a month and was looking forward to both the scenery and the breeze we usually enjoy. Around mile then, just after sunrise, the group had split up. Half of us were on the way back to our car, the other half kept running bridge repeats despite the thunder in the distance:

I made it back to my car but had to sprint over the Clearwater Memorial bridge with the wind in my back and rain nipping at my heels, quite literally. Mother Nature had kept her promise to me, but boy she made me work for it! The rest of the group wasn’t so lucky – they finished the last five miles in heavy rain. My back wasn’t very happy about the added stress and I spent a lot of time stretching on Sunday. Maybe next time I’ll deal with the rain instead…..

The week’s miles, in review:

Monday – 6 miles

Tuesday – 5 miles with 5x800 intervals

Wednesday – 5 miles

Thursday – 2 miles treadmill plus arms & core

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 14 miles

Sunday – Rest







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