Monday morning. This is how it started……

As Florida weather often does, it stopped raining by early afternoon only to pour down again exactly as I’m leaving work. So, long story short, I ended up on the treadmill for 4.5 miles.

With a close eye on the weather forecast I decided to complete my interval training on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. I upped my interval repeats to more closely resemble Yasso 800’s, after reading this article. I’m not near the required 10 repeats, but I’ve pushed much harder and farther than last week and my back still seems o.k. with it, so I’m giving it a go. I’ve managed to keep the pace right where I’d need it for a predicted 4:30 marathon finish time – we’ll see if I can keep it up as I increase the repeats. Here’s what tonight’s training looked like:

  • 1 mile warm-up jog
  • 400m @ 5k pace with 400m recovery
  • 4 x 800m in 4:30 or less with 400m recovery
  • 0.5 miles cool-down

I was worried about getting my heart rate too high, but even though I was near max my “Training Effect” feedback from Garmin Connect told me that I was both improving anaerobic fitness as well as Lactate threshold. This hard work has to pay off, even if I don’t manage the entire suggested training load of the Yasso 800’s.

Wednesday’s run was another “wash-out”, because it rained all day, on & off. So…..another treadmill run for me. It’s not a bad thing anymore because I can better control my pace, and a planned slow run then really turns into a slow run. And – according to the new Garmin I’ve achieved just that:

Fantastic run, albeit a bit boring. There. I said it. Another benefit of running in the gym? After I’m done I always use the opportunity to go to the floor for some core work and stretching, something I don’t often do after an outdoor run.

To finish off the week with some cross training I returned to the gym on Thursday. It wasn’t an easy decision – I really wanted an outdoor run instead, but the weather was iffy and cross training was on the schedule. So, I obliged: 2 miles easy on the treadmill, single leg deadlifts, curtsy lunges, planks, and stretching.

Also – my (new) PowerBeats3 headphones died, after less than 8 months of use. I’ve also had issues with the prior model, and as much as I like the fit and sound I cannot recommend them anymore. Sorry. Too many issues. I’ve contacted the company via Twitter – as usual they’re very helpful and I hope to get them replaced asap. Updates to follow.

After Friday’s rest day we were geared up for our long run on Saturday. Despite the early start at 5 a.m. I felt miserable through the first three miles. I managed to not let that feeling get me down……I had a total of 18 miles on the schedule after all. Thank goodness for the camaraderie of the group. This training would be that much harder (mentally at least) without the support of others running beside you. We ran from our favorite running store all the way to the end of Treasure Island and back. The residents of TI beach have some really cool mailboxes. Can you tell which one was my favorite?

Another highlight? Sunrise on the way back round mile 11:

And although the heat slowed me down I managed the distance just fine and without any back issues. I’m so very happy and grateful with all this pain free running. I had my doubts!

The week’s mileage, in review:

Monday – 4.5 miles treadmill

Tuesday – 5 miles intervals

Wednesday – 5 miles treadmill

Thursday – 2 miles plus strength & stretching

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 18 miles

Sunday – Rest




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