Didn’t I just brag about how my Saturday and Monday runs have been the best ones? Well, I’m taking that back now. While last Saturday wasn’t all that bad (aside from running in wet clothes and getting nasty blisters), Monday’s 6 miles felt terrible. Miles four, five, and six were all about finishing what needed to be done, and gaining mental toughness from fighting through physical fatigue. The fun part? Running with my new Garmin Fenix 5s. If you need a super thorough review of this watch, go here. It doesn’t get any more detailed than that! I need to spend a lot more time with this watch – but so far, so good!

Tuesday I had three miles on the schedule. Feeling pretty fatigued I realized that perhaps I was getting into “overtraining” territory, and that a few shorter runs would be in order. But, even those measly three miles turned into a struggle. I ran extra slow (I feel that I can’t run any slower), and inserted walking breaks. I was however in the sun, and that’s a killer no matter how you slice it.

Wednesday’s interval run on the other hand was so perfect, it almost couldn’t have been any better. Despite the heat I kept an even pace through all six 400m repeats. So, what was difference? I didn’t check the stats, but there was perhaps a bit less humidity in the air, and my “track” is in the shade, which obviously makes running easier. But, also – let’s not overanalyze it. I had a great run, and my back’s not hurting. I’ll take it!

On Thursday I chose the gym (treadmill) over another outdoor run. In fact, I didn’t plan to run much at all. I finished two miles at moderate speed, then spent some time on stretching and planks. I’ll admit I was tired, and not very motivated…….

As always, Saturday’s long run (12 miles) started at 5 a.m.. We chose Safety Harbor’s Ream Wilson trail, and I’m glad I only had 12 miles for this hilly route. I was able to keep my heart rate low with the exception of the last two miles clocking in at race pace.

All in all it was an good week. I’ve been feeling fine, but I’m getting to the “I doubt everything” stage. I’ve started to question whether I’m doing enough to make this one a PR race. I’ve only begun to add interval workouts, and should definitely do more of them but I’m not sure it’s the right thing to keep me healthy. The only thing to do is to keep at it, pushing the boundaries carefully, and see what happens.

One important reminder to myself: this is MY race, and MY race only. And yes – I CAN.

The week’s miles, in review:

Monday – 6 miles

Tuesday – 3 miles

Wednesday – 4.75 miles

Thursday – 2 miles treadmill + planks

Friday – REST

Saturday – 12 miles

Sunday – REST




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