Speed workouts started this week. This is something I’ve been avoiding because of my back problems, but since said problems have steadily declined, and are just about gone, I figured I’d try to incorporate a bit more intensity into my training program. After all, I’ve set a PB goal for September, and I want to be prepared as best as I can, given the circumstances.

The week started off right with another solid Monday run. Six miles under partly cloudy skies with a slight breeze – it wasn’t exactly comfortable (running in Florida in July is never comfortable), but I didn’t feel completely dead afterwards and, even though I wasn’t quite as fast as I’d hoped to be, I felt strong throughout. Thumbs up for another good one!

Tuesday’s run on the other hand was right back in “everything hurts and I’m dying” territory. I tried to pull back the tempo to really make it a slow run, but then I kept speeding up hoping to end this hot and uncomfortable run rather sooner than later. Afterwards my back was talking, and I had to spend a good amount of time on the floor, stretching, after I got home.

I’d been a bit nervous about Wednesday’s plan to run intervals. Using a recent article from Runnersworld I was supposed to start easy: One mile warm up, then five repeats of 400m @ race pace, each followed by 400m recovery, similar to the track workouts we did last year with St Pete Running company’s group. I wanted to test this concept on a straight stretch of paved trail rather than adding the stress of the track’s turns (which messed up my foot last year) and to my own surprise the 45 minute workout went much better than expected. No back problems, and I wasn’t nearly as wiped out as I thought I’d be. This will be a staple workout in the weeks to come, as long as my back will tolerate it!

After two days of rest (Thursday = hair appointment, Friday = regular rest day) I was looking forward to get out for my 17 mile long run. Not too happy about the 4:30 a.m. wakeup call, but if you want to beat the sun you have to compromise. Well, we beat the sun alright: it started raining right as I got out of my car. My friend Steve and I decided to keep going unless lightning made it unsafe. By the end of mile one we got thoroughly soaked by a heavy downpour, but thankfully that was the worst of it. Steve was done at mile six and I powered through the remaining miles solo without further ado (and still caught a tiny glimpse of a stunningly colorful sunrise between the storm clouds).

The day’s lesson? Keep a spare pair of shoes and/or socks in the car. Running in wet socks leads to nasty blisters……..

The week’s miles, in review:

Monday – 6 miles

Tuesday – 5 miles

Wednesday – 4 miles intervals

Thursday – off

Friday – rest

Saturday – 17 miles

Sunday – rest




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