I didn’t plan to take Monday off, but we had tickets to see Paul McCartney in concert in Tampa, so guess what? No running for me! To my own surprise I wasn’t dead tired on Tuesday, and due to much lower humidity and a few degrees less my five mile run on Tuesday went exceptionally well! I really can’t recall a solid five and a half mile run without any walking breaks in July, and certainly not one with negative splits. I thank the universe for these kinds of runs – they prove that my training is progressing well and that not everything has to be a struggle.

Wednesday’s run ended up on the treadmill. I would have preferred to do that on Thursday, but you can’t choose the weather, unfortunately. As luck would have it, it had been a sunny day until 5 p.m. – that’s when the heavens opened up and lightning forced me to change plans. I completed four miles and finished my workout with push-ups, planks, and lots of stretching.

Thursday’s five miles turned into four, but just barely. It was just absolutely miserable outside. But I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. I heard the same story from two other runners who decided to go for an early evening run. We all felt like dying, halfway through. On the upside – I had my very first rattlesnake encounter since moving to the U.S. almost 20 years ago. As soon as I spotted her from the distance I stopped and fumbled to get my phone out for a picture. She slowly made her way across my path, then disappeared in the brush. It was only then that I continued ahead.

After Friday’s rest day I was ready to tackle 18 miles on Saturday morning. At least I thought I was. We set out at 5 a.m., and the first 10 miles felt pretty good, despite the heat and humidity. But then, I had to tackle 8 miles by myself, since the rest of the group didn’t need that kind of distance. By now the sun was up and started to make things rather uncomfortable. I was still “ok” until the turnaround at mile 14, then things fell apart. And it wasn’t really about the distance – my legs were fine – it was just too warm and I was exposed to the sun, since the route I had chosen in downtown St. Pete hardly had any shade to speak of. It’s one thing to run on a very warm day, it’s another to run in direct sun. I took a couple of shortcuts and ended up finishing 17 miles, just a mile short of my goal. I knew that the last mile would not have made a difference (other than possibly getting me overheated, dehydrated, etc..)

Total mileage for the week? 30.6.  I’ll take it!


Monday: no running (concert)

Tuesday – 5.6 miles

Wednesday – 4 miles treadmill + core/pushups

Thursday – 4 miles slow

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 17 miles

Sunday – Rest


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