Here we are – already week five of this year’s marathon training. I’m still plugging along, thankfully no (new) issues despite the increased demand. In fact, and this is even more surprising, no back issues to speak of, which has been my number one concern all along (annnnd I’m quickly knocking on wood). I had planned to re-introduce some cross training in the gym (light weights and strengthening of hips & glutes) this month to make up for the lack of speed-work on the track (which I was able to do last year). And, there will be a few days of short interval training this month and hopefully next month as well, which I’ll add very, very carefully. So, let’s see how all that works out, shall we? (Insert small anxiety attack here….)

This week started with the five miles on Monday evening, followed by four slow miles on Tuesday morning. Two runs within 12 hours is a big departure from my usual training, and I was a bit worried, but when it’s the Fourth of July you run with your friends! The view at sunrise is always worth it:

For Wednesday I had planned six miles, but the heat forced me to stop at five. It was simply too hot and I could not keep my heart rate down. You know it’s bad when you can hear your pulse rushing through your ears even when you’re not wearing earphones. I also spend a good amount of time stretching – especially my calves. And, since the metal railing was in such a good position I knocked out three sets of 15 push-ups. I’m not strong enough to do them correctly all out on the floor (unless I’m on my knees) and this is a great way to still target the same muscles without sacrificing your posture. Yes, I definitely need more of this…….

And the new Brooks Ghost 10? They’re a DREAM! Completely different from their predecessor, they’re cushioned and flexible and need absolutely NO break-in time on the road. Slip on, lace, and run.

And since it was about time I got my butt back in the gym for some serious core & arm workouts I did just that on Thursday. I warmed up with a one mile jog on the treadmill, then spent a good 30 minutes on this stuff:

After a well deserved rest day Friday I set out for 15 miles at 5 a.m. Saturday morning. Just like all week long, the heat and humidity made it a tough one for us. It was so warm that I contemplated jumping into the ocean to cool off once I reached Clearwater beach at the halfway mark. Thinking back on it now I really wonder why I didn’t…….

Turns out, there are benefits though to running in adverse conditions. The more you endure during the hot summer months, the stronger you’ll be in the winter! Although, I’m hoping to enjoy the payoff in September……


The week, in review:

Monday – 5 miles (neg. splits)

Tuesday – 4 miles, slow

Wednesday – 5 miles

Thursday – 1 mile + core

Friday – REST

Saturday – 15 miles (long run)

Sunday – REST


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