Two steps forward, one step back…..

I had been pain free for almost 3 weeks, but Saturday’s long run made my back achy, and I’m guessing that Sunday’s 26 mile bike ride didn’t help. Yesterday’s measly 4 miles hurt all the way through, and even though I’m not talking about massive amounts of pain, it was annoying to say the least. I can only hope that this is a “hiccup” and it will pass.

And didn’t I just brag how I’ve been able to avoid the rain for quite some time? Well, my luck ran out Tuesday….in wise foresight I snapped a couple of pics before I started running, because judging by the clouds and the thunder roaring in the distance I knew I’d get wet. Then, barely a mile in, lightning and thunder got way too close for comfort so I hustled back to the car. Fast! Maybe this was just what I needed (a very short run) since I had been complaining of back pain….

Wednesday was much of the same………big thunderstorms creeping in just as I was leaving work. I didn’t want to take my chances and headed to the gym instead for a nice slow treadmill run. Here’s what I love about the treadmill (aside from running with air-conditioning): I’m able to run at a slower pace, and do so for the entire distance. Yes, it’s pretty boring and monotonous…..but when listening to the right Spotify playlist it’s all good.

It was back to running outside in the heat on Thursday for the last weekday run. I held back knowing that I’d have 15 miles on the schedule Saturday, yet I managed those 3 miles with negative splits.

Despite my “day off” on Friday I was a bit nervous about Saturday’s long run. My back had been acting up a bit earlier in the week, and last week’s 13-miler was rather uncomfortable. But I also knew that I’d perhaps run a bit too fast for a slow run, so my strategy was simply to slow down. And – it worked. I kept the pace around 11:15 almost the entire time. I also took a few short walking breaks and stopped at my turnaround point in Dunedin to take pictures:

Not only was my back happy about the slower pace, I also didn’t experience the tightness in the hips. This run was a huge confidence booster for next week’s training and the increased distances coming up.

The weeks’ mileage, in review:

Monday – 4 miles

Tuesday – 1.5 miles

Wednesday – 4 miles treadmill, easy

Thursday – 3 miles, easy

Friday – rest

Saturday – 15 miles, slow

Sunday – rest

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